Why is a bulldozer called a bulldozer? Top 10 Reasons Why

We asked the 150000+ machine operators in the International Operators group on facebook ‘Why is a bulldozer called a bulldozer?’ and here are some of the answers we got back.

*After a hard days work a bull will want to doze.

*The word Dozer comes from the word from doz which means push or drag. Bill Fleming invented the first one, therefore, it is called bills dozer and it evolved from there.

*The word “bulldozer” has a surprising origin. Or we can say that the origin of this word is somewhat bewildering and quite distasteful.
In the beginning “bulldozers,” however, were violent bullies. The word “bulldoze” appeared during the year 1876 which had the root meaning “bull dose”. ‘Bull dose” meant to beat someone in an extremely cruel and brutal. In other words, it meant giving the “dose” of lashing and whipping as one whips a bull.
There were racist bullies and rowdies who used to terrorize African-Americans after Civil War South. They used to spread terror and often killed many people brutally. These thugs came to be known as “Bulldozers” or “bull-dosers” around 1881. Even a pistol was also named “bulldoser”. Californian bull-doser is a pistol which carries a bullet that is so heavy that it destroys human life with all the certainty.
Slowly “to bull doze” began to be used in the form of a verb and became synonymous with “to intimidate with a great force”. “Bulldozer” was used as a label for anything that “gets the job done,”. Soon “bulldoze” became metaphorical in usage. Even in the present times, it is used to mean “push through” or “oppress” or “overpower”.
A machine was invented in the early 20th century that could uproot, overturn, level or just overwhelm anything in its path. It could be used as a digger. The machine had the power of deconstruction and thus came to be known as “bulldozer”.

*It is named after the guy who invented it Mr. Bull Dozer.

*Because cow doozer sounds lame!

*Because there is normally a dozy bad-tempered bull sat in the seat operating it.

*Because it is worked like a bull.

*They used to tie bulls at the front and that’s how they originally operated. But after animal rights became a thing they had to change into a metal bucket instead.

*They weren’t allowed to call it shit shoveler.

*the actual name is crawler machine the front blade dozer and the ripper(rooter) combined.

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