What Is The Largest Volvo Excavator?

What is the biggest Volvo excavator?. The biggest excavator machine that Volvo has ever produced is the EC950E. It weighs in at around 90 ton and is truly a massive earth moving beast. The power is there to move mountains. It was on display at the Conexpo and Bauma machine events in the past, where you cannot help but be impressed and start to imagine what it is going to be like to operate this iron giant from Sweeden.
When you climb in and sit in the cab it has the comfortable trademark style with plenty of space and ergonomic layout that keeps you the operator happy as you easily dig through anything that is in front of you.
This machine is big, powerful, productive and has amazing breakout force with its massive bucket capacity of 6m3 which can load an 8 wheel road going tipper in less than two full buckets.
For the size of the machine, it is pretty good on fuel and is efficient with its many different work mode settings.

Everybody wants to move more material in a shorter space of time at a lower cost. The onboard technology from Volvo Construction Equipment helps with this. It has the new fully electro-hydraulic control system. That is said to be 15% more productive, 5% more fuel efficient and gives out 11% more hp than its predecessor the Volvo EC700CL. They have changed the engine to a more powerful 516 horsepower Tier 4 Volvo D16J. Making it more productive with a lower cost per ton than any it has ever before.

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